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The responsible use of natural resources and the protection of the environment will remain major challenges in the future development of aquaculture technology and systems. New technologies focusing on offshore systems and inland recirculation systems will probably be in place. It seems likely that the future use of new aquaculture species and culture technologies will follow the successful salmon culture model.

Over the past 20 years a great deal of research and development has been carried out in the design of more complex offshore fish holding systems, typically employing manned barges, platform and submersible cage systems, with the aim of allowing aquaculture operations to be carried out in the open sea, far from competing users of coastal marine resources.

SADCO offshore technology and SADCO submersible cages offer the advantage of being able to keep the fish stocks well below the surface of the sea during periods of extreme weather, and so out of the main area of wind generated waves and surface currents. This could be of particular value to offshore finfish aquaculture in the offshore environment, which is subject to regular periods of significant wind and wave action.

SADCO offshore technology is provided security of fish and equipment, high quality of fish product, unlimited production volume, eco-aquaculture, avoiding of competition with other interests and profitable fish farming for any species on any sea sites.

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