Installation support

The assembly of cage is possible on non-equipped coastal shore site around the place of the farm installation.

Installation consists of:

sea site study

installation of the anchors

shore assembling of steel construction

mounting of the pneumatic system

installation of the mooring system,

towing and installation of the cages

putting into operation and adjustment works.

Assembling and installation works are completed by company on a turn-key basis by:

authorized representative of the company for supervision

technician-supervisors for mounting and diving operations

team of the assemblers for completion shore-assembling of the construction (optional agreement)

diver team for underwater work and installation of device at the sea site (optional agreement)

post guarantee services

Additional equipment


Gravity anchors with front blade together with a suspended mass are used for mooring "SADCO" cages.

Weight and sizes of anchors and the suspended mass are determined depending on load on anchor ties, the angle between the anchor tie and ground, as well as on characteristics of bottom soils at the installation site.

Concrete blocks of 6-8 tons each can be used for anchorage as well and can be produced on the site of installation ( 6 anchors per cage).

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