Series E
Series SG
SADCO-SG Series Underwater Cages

Net volume 2000 to 8000 m3

Cage structure is designed for submersible mode, easy for service and harvesting. Cages could be supplied with simple system for manual feeding with possibility for installation of centralized feeding system (automation and remote control).

The reliable protection of cages is achieved by their lowering underwater, which is the normal operating position for the system. This reduces risk of damage by drifting rubbish or ice and enables successful fish farming in stormy areas with waves up to 15 m.

Special mooring system provides for reliable positioning of the cages and due to the fact that it does not experience extreme loads, it is characterized by high strength margin and relatively low cost.

Optimization of fish farming environment is achieved by location of cages in exposed sea sites. These together with underwater position of cages provide exclusion of stress factors inevitable with conventional floating cages.

Improvement of the environment reduces diseases, increases fish appetite and general physiological tone, which improves the quality of marketed fish.

SADCO fish-farming system requires minimum expenses of servicing which is performed by raising the cages to the surface where harvesting of fish and other operations are executed similar to those with conventional floating cages.

Steel walkways provides stable and safety working area for cage servicing.

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