Series E
Series SG
SADCO-A,D,E Series Underwater Cages

Net volume 2000 to 5000 m3

Cage lowering and rising is done by air discharge or supply, which regulates the water-and-air balance in the system of ballast tanks. The device is equipped with a ballast compartment with kingston valves, and ventilation valves operated manually or by a pneumatic actuator.

The cage can be stopped at various intermediate depth positions before reaching to the surface.

For fish species with close-type swimming bladder, it is important to adhere to a slowed down procedure of rising, with intermediate decompression stops.

Delivery A is supplied with simple system for manual feeding, but with cage structure prepared for possible installation of automated feeding system as well as remote control system as an option for order in future.

Delivery D is supplied with self-contained underwater automatic feeder with possibility for installation of remote control system as an option for order in future.

Delivery E is supplied with automated feeding system as well as remote control system.

Net bag is designated for holding of fries and farmed fish in the cage. The size of the net mesh depends upon the size of the fries. The net bag is provided with special windows for fish stocking or harvesting.

The special design of the net bag as well as its fixing method provides for constant volume and shape of the net bag even in 1,5 m/sec current and waves up to 15 m.

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