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In accordance with international practice, it should be recognized that the basis of production of safe and quality products must be included in the design phase of production, which should be built (renovated) with all the modern technology and in accordance with recognized international standards.

Requirements such as the presence of the required set of premises, their finishing materials have been approved, no crossing conditionally dirty and clean areas, providing threading the production process (the movement of raw materials, semi-finished products, waste, and finished goods), routes of personnel from domestic premises to jobs, the device sanitary inspection rooms should be considered at the design stage.

Otherwise, the audit (regulatory authorities, the buyer, chain retailers, foreign partners) may be inconsistencies, the removal of which could result in substantial costs associated with the suspension of production, transport equipment, demolition and construction of the walls, partitions, etc.;

To avoid these costs, we offer:

- Technological expertise and engineering services for the construction and reconstruction of the requirements and provisions of the technical regulations, official documents of the Customs Union, the Russian Federation, the European Union, other international instruments to ensure the safety and quality of food and feed;

- Development of guidelines for businesses operating in the production, processing, storage, transportation, aquatic products and aquaculture, for hygienic / manufacturing practices and the application of HACCP principles and the provision of guidance for their implementation;

- Expertise and the development of methodological, technical and other documentation in the field of food safety, including aquatic products and aquaculture for businesses operating in the production, processing, transportation, aquatic products and aquaculture;

- Assessment of aquatic products and aquaculture products, raw materials, animal feed to meet the animal health requirements of the regulations, directives and regulations of the importing countries

- Training on the principles of HACCP, ISO 22000, GMP, GNP, international standards and official documents in the field of safety and quality of food and feed;

- Provision of services on the organization and the certification of quality management systems and environmental management systems.

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